Tuesday, March 17, 2020 1:08 PM

My thoughts are with you and your families during this stressful time. To manage my stress I have started an art sharing movement in my local community, and I thought this might be of interest to your community. Please feel free to share the following if you feel comfortable.

As I am an Art Therapist, it won't surprise you that during these past few days, I’ve felt an uncontrollable urge to create something. I needed to do something positive. I needed to create some art, so I did, and then I wanted to share it, so I did. I sent it out to my extended family group chat and a group of my high school friends. Yay, This was just what I needed. I felt better, but to my surprise, it was what they needed too. I received replies of gratitude for providing a distraction from the day's events, which gave me an idea. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to get other people sharing art too, and with that, I extend an invitation to please join in if the mood strikes you. Create something and share it with the rest of us on twitter or Instagram. #CreateArtFeelBetter 

I have also set up a blog for my studio students to provide inspiration for art projects they can do at home. They will all have an interesting twist. The first one involves old folklore and breaking a curse. This Altered vintage image project is inspired by the works of Australian Artist Jane Long https://janelong.com.au/ I used an iPad and a program called Sketchclub to create the image and have posted a video showing the transformation.

I’m using the hashtag #CreateArtFeelBetter on twitter and Instagram. Please feel free to join in and don't forget to tag it so we can view each others artwork. Stay safe Claire