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Specialized Art therapy Programs

Art Therapy can help children relieve stress, increase awareness of self, and develop healthy and practical coping skills. Children of all ages can benefit from art therapy. Programs are designed to address specific areas of concern such as anxiety, aggression, self-esteem, grief and loss and children of divorce. Each program is developed around children's developmental strengths and abilities. The art therapy programs assist children in expressing challenging thoughts and feelings, encourages alternative perspectives and develop coping skills. Children will be invited to explore new strategies around negative behaviours, creative ways to be productive and manage stress and anxiety.

Customizable Art therapy Prevention Programs

Improving resilience in your student body will help students deal with adversity and manage better in the classroom. By assisting the children to find positive ways to express themselves, teaching and practicing skills of empathy, acknowledging and managing stress, problem-solving and helping students identify when they need to seek help or appropriate options for support, will better equip them to handle stressors, resulting in a more capable student in the classroom environment.

I have created a PREVENTION MODEL designed to improved resiliency in children by building social and emotional coping skills through targeted art-based programs relating to typical age-dependent developmental markers. Art directives are intended to assist children with general and developmental issues an example would be; labelling feelings, giving images and words to feelings which would play a role in the understanding and incorporating of these feelings. Educational characteristics would include imparting information to help children acquire new skills. In 2017-18 Picasso's Garage executed a customized program at Kingsway College School (KCS) to the entire student body Grade1-Grade 8. Highlights of the program included a superhero-themed program for grades 4 & 5 that worked to explore students personal strengths and managing conflicts. Grades 1s enjoyed an emoji themed program targeted at helping them identify feelings and explore their own ways to improve mood when upset or feeling bad.

Owner,  Art Therapist  and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) Claire Nicholls provides art therapy programming for k-12 schools board-wide. To request art therapy programs in your local school simply speak to your child's teacher about Art Therapy programs available through the TDSB.

Creating Art as a Tool for Mental Health by PICASSO'S GARAGE

PICASSO'S GARAGE is a Toronto District School Board (TDSB) approved Professional Partner in the Mental Health Division.